Zarvo´s American Silver Blue Sky
Born 11/4 2003 (Hips A, Eyes Clear of CEA/PRA 13.06.03)
(Wynset´s Dark Shadows x Kensil´s Pebbles ´N Pearls)


Index Pedigree Skye herding!

3 1/2 years

2007: Skye has moved to Susanne in Skaelskoer and they are just SO happy together. Skye loves having it all to himself not having to compete with other dogs for attention etc.

Skye was my lovely blue merle (bi-blue) sheltie male. His dam Pearl was imported from USA spring 2003 and was in whelp at that time.

Skye has a wonderful outgoing temperament and he want´s to say Hello to everyone. He is very confident and strong - sometimes a bit to dominent towards other males. I am sure he expect to see a rottweiler each time he looks in the mirror :-)

Skye has full dentition (one canine not quite at its place) and stands about 40 cm. at the shoulders. His eyes are clear of CEA - tested as a pup and he has status A on the hips (best possible).

Skye has been diagnosed with Hypothyreodisme and has been neutered.

Green Feet - I helped my mother in the garden!

16 weeks
Best Baby Puppy at the "Sheltie Day 2003"

Index Pedigree Skye herding!