Svanedammens Pomona
23/5 1989 - 1999


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Mille was not my own dog. I was walking her almost every day after school and we started at Agility together.

Mille was a lovely Beagle very eager to please unlike many beagles. We trained obedience in the Beagle Club and achieved the magic 100 point (out of 100) in LP1 (beginners). Later we got 139 points in the LP2 (out of 150).

It was with Mille I learned the fun world of Agility. We started in DAF Tåstrup (Tåstrup Agility Club) in 1990. Mille loved agility and was quite fast for a beagle. We competed in our first competitions in 1993.

I ended up taking care of Mille the last Year of her life because of a divorce in her family. She had a lot of arthritis and when she needed so much medication which made her SO tired all the time we decided to end it before she became too ill.

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