Zobella Silverblue Baron
(20/7 1996 - 29/7 2002)
(Zobella Night Zivago x Zobella Silver Shining Moon)


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Indy was my first dog and he was a very special friend. He was the puppy hiding behind the sofa when I visited him at the breeder and he only showed himself for the few selected :-) When he wanted to say "Hello" to me - I was hooked.
I had some problems with him in Agility at the beginning. He didn't trust other people - including the judge. When I wanted to start running the course Indy ran straight for the judge to tell him that he wasn't allowed to judge us :-) There was very little for me to do in this situation. Indy had it all under control - so he thought!

Indy matured at last and we had several nice results in Agility. He was Danish Agility and Jumping Champion. Region Winner in Jumping 1999, 2000 and 2002. In 2000 he was on the team winning the Danish Team Agility Championships.
In 2002 he was placed to qualify for the Danish National Team for the World Championships when we lost him all to soon.

If you had his trust you had a loyal friend for life. He selected his friends carefully.

When Indy was about 3 months old he broke the right front leg. Fortunetely only one of the bones in the leg. He was knocked down by a big labrador. After 3 weeks with the bandage he had to wear this lovely red shirt to prevent him from licking the irritated skin which was located at the edge of the bandage.

Being my first dog Indy was a very spoiled dog :-) he always followed me around like a shadow.

Indy will always have a special place in my heart. I am so greatfull for having known a dog like him.

I lost Indy the 29th of July 2002. He was stung by a bee in the throat while the dogs were alone and he was dead when I came home.

THANK YOU INDY for all the good times we shared!


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