Lekadi´s Dancing Dina
(23/6 2004 - 22/11 2006)
(Zill (Tweed) x Solfari´s Ilia Ice Lolly)


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Floss was my lovely Border Collie girl. She was a sweet and gentle border collie from parents both working on sheep. I was so lucky to se her father "live" at the Sheepdog Trial Continental 2005 in Gråsten where he took third place.

Floss was the perfect playmate for the shelties. She loved small dogs and was so gentle around them.

Floss was a real herding and running dog. She loved to herd her private "sheep" - the shelties :-) Her favorite time in the garden was when all the shelties tried to catch her - that´s FUN!

Summer 2006 Floss had a severe injury in her lower back making it unstable and sometimes she had decreased sensitivity in her hind legs. We hoped it could stabilize but it didn´t. Next step would be surgery with metal bolts and I would not take her through it knowing that her mobility after would be decreased.

I am very greatfull for the time I had with Loving Floss.


Running was her life!

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